The Suck Sistas

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Gang Bang Ivy Bleu?!?


Whenever I’m surfing around XVideos, people always message me asking what I’m doing and what kind of porn I like.  The simple answer is gang bangs.  Honestly, I fucking love watching girls surrounded by hard cocks and struggling to satisfy them all.  It’s hot to see the girls give up their bodies for the sole pleasure of the men.  Their hard cock waiting to enter a warm hole while their friends take turns using whatever hole they choose.

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Amazing Bimbo Kandy Kaines


When I use the word, “bimbo”, I mean that as a term of endearment.  Honestly, a woman who will inflate her tits to balloon sizes, inject her lips and transform her body into a life size Barbie Doll is OK in my book.  Fortunately, Kandy Kaines feels the same way.  She embraces her bimbo lifestyle.